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Shaving bugs eyeballs? Te Papa and Weta team up for creepy new exhibition

After wowing New Zealand with their stunning Gallipoli exhibition, Weta Workshop and Te Papa have joined forces once again.

This time, their creations are a little, let's say, creepy.

After eight months of planning and painstaking work, the creatives behind Bug Lab are ready to unleash a plague on visitors to the Wellington museum.

"Most people would consider the subjects of bugs to be pretty boring," said Weta Workshop wizard Richard Taylor.

"But bugs are extraordinary."

Some bugs perform brain surgery, while others have unique methods of protecting themselves.

"The Japanese honey bee has one defence that it's worked out," said Te Papa's Ben Barraud.

"They essentially cook the hornet."

The level of detail in the exhibition is stunning, with imported hog hair being punched into models by hand.

"All insects come very very hairy so the first thing we had to do was shave them all," Mr Taylor said.

"You're talking about things that are as small as the head of a pin!"

The exhibition opens on Monday, before being taken overseas. 

"We're trying to throw people into the fantastical world of the bugs and hopefully they're transported out of their modern lives." Source: Seven Sharp