Video: Alec Baldwin masterfully plays both Trump and Fox News host in slick SNL skit




Serial Donald Trump impersonator Alec Baldwin has taken aim at Fox News anchor Bill O'Reilly in his latest skit for Saturday Night Live.

Baldwin showed off his versatility by playing both Trump and O'Reilly in a split screen TV interview that aired yesterday.

The skit opened with Baldwin's Trump saying "Hello everyone. Good evening Bill. It's so wonderful to be here on The Factor. I'm a big fan."

Baldwin retorted as O'Reilly, saying "I'm a big fan as well. It's an honour to have you here and can I say Mr President, you look even better on TV."

Baldwin as Trump replied: "I know I do, I look fantastic, and can I tell you something – I actually see a lot of myself in you Bill."

Baldwin may well find himself in the firing line of some pointed tweets from both O'Reilly and Trump in the coming days.

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