Video: Adele threatens to tell 'filthy' joke after power goes out at Adelaide show




The lights went out at Adele's Adelaide concert last night - but it wasn't due to the state's energy woes.

The UK star made fun of what she called a technical difficulty when her stage was plunged into darkness.

"So, we are having a technical difficulty. I'm not quite sure what it is," she told concert goers according to footage released online.

It's believed power was cut to the rotating stage at Adelaide Oval after a cord was accidentally unplugged.

But that didn't stop the audience from having a few jokes at South Australia's expense.

"What a welcome to her from the black out state of Australia," one person tweeted.

The British superstar is wheeled into arenas in a box where she keeps entertained with an iPad.
Source: Breakfast
Residents living near Domain Stadium had good reason to step outside to hear what was going on.
Source: Breakfast

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