Valentine's Day: Jack Tame, Hayley Holt and Breakfast crew share the most romantic thing someone's done for them

Love is in the air! It's Valentine's Day, the day for celebrating love and romance full of flowers, chocolates and surprises. So what is the most romantic thing someone has done to appreciate you?

Today the TVNZ1's Breakfast team shared the most romantic thing someone has done for them.

Breakfast host Jack Tame struggled to think of something someone’s done for him but says a surprise weekend away would be a nice surprise.

Hayley Holt says: "Very recently the most romantic thing someone’s ever done for me is let me sleep on the couch while they made me some food and it was the nicest thing someone has done for me in such a long time."

To which Jack replies, "What kind of low bar is this?"

Breakfast newsreader Daniel Faitaua says Valentine's Day is a special day for him as it was the day he proposed to his wife.

"Fourteen-years ago, I did go cheesy and I went all romantic with it, deep down she knows that I’m not a romantic kind of guy but I took her out to Tiffanys in Christchurch, it was a day full of surprises, meanwhile the hotel was being decked out by the florist with all her favourite flowers."

Breakfast weather presenter Matty McLean says he never celebrated Valentine's Day before meeting his partner Ryan but last year for their anniversary Ryan did something special for him.

"I was away for work and it was our first anniversary so I was quite disappointed to be spending it away from him, but I arrived to the hotel we were staying in Hanmer Springs to a letter from the reception," McLean said.

"They said 'read this on the way to your room,' so I read it and walked into the bedroom.

"It was a letter from Ryan saying how awesome the last year had been and when I walked into the room Ryan was there. He had flown down and surprised me so we could spend our first anniversary together."

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    Jack, Hayley, Daniel and Matty shared these lovely anecdotes. Source: Breakfast