UK comedian and The Chase star Paul Sinha diagnosed with Parkinson's disease

The Chase star Paul Sinha has been diagnosed with Parkinson's disease, the quiz master revealed today.

The 49-year-old British comedian, known on the UK quiz show as The Sinnerman, was diagnosed with the degenerative brain disorder on May 30 following a number of health issues beginning in September 2017, including a "sudden-onset, frozen right shoulder", an "unexpected diagnosis of Type 2 diabetes" and a shoulder operation in January, he said.

In a blog post, Sinha said his reaction following the diagnosis "was not one of shock."

He wrote: "I spent May this year in New Zealand simultaneously having the comedy month of my life, and worrying about why a right-sided limp was now getting worse.

"Behind the facade of the cheerful, late night comedy festival drunk was a man deeply scared about facing the truth when back in the UK."

Sinha said his diagnosis and the treatment plan has made him feel "far more prepared for the new challenges ahead."

"I have an amazing family, no strangers to serious medical illness. I'm blessed to have a fiance who is there for me, and I have a multitude of friends and colleagues whom I consider to be exceptional human beings.

"I don't consider myself unlucky, and whatever the next stage of my life holds for me, many others have it far worse.

He said he "fully intend to keep Chasing, keep writing and performing comedy, keep quizzing and keep being hopeless at Tasks." However, he said "Dancing on Ice is, I suspect, out of the question."

Sinha was in New Zealand for the New Zealand International Comedy Festival last month.

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Sinha is currently in New Zealand as the quiz show continues to be popular here. Source: Seven Sharp