U2 guitarist The Edge refused permission to build $154 million LA mansions

U2 guitarist The Edge has been refused permission to build five Malibu mansions.

The 57-year-old musician - whose real name is David Howell Evans - has lost a 14-year legal battle meaning he will not be allowed to build the $154 million eco-friendly mini-mansions - dubbed Leaves in the Wind - on a 151-acre plot on an undeveloped mountainside.

Last week, the Supreme Court of California decided they would not reconsider a lower court ruling which said that the Beautiful Day hitmaker wasn't able to build on the land after the Sierra Club - an environmental organisation - sued to block construction.

The lawyer for the Sierra Club, Dean Wallraff, has insisted he's "very happy" about the decision and claims that if Evans had been able to build, he would have caused "devastating damage."

Speaking to DailyMailTV, he said: "He's finished. The California Supreme Court was his last resort.

"I'm very happy that the Supreme Court decided not to review the case because it brings a definitive end to this terrible project which would have caused devastating damage.

"He would have to start from scratch, with new applications to LA County Department of Regional Planning for new permits.

"Then he would have to get approval from the five members of the LA Board of Supervisors - which would be tough since the member who represents Malibu, Shiela Kuehl, is on record opposing Evans' project.

"All of that could take another two or three years - with no guarantee that either LA County or the Board of Supervisors would say yes.

"We'll fight him again, all the way to the Supreme Court again.

"Move on. Sell the land or better still, donate it to the Santa Monica Mountain Conservancy so that the people can enjoy it.

"Do something good with this beautiful piece of property instead of destroying it. Go somewhere else to build your homes!"

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