TVNZ's new Europe correspondent Daniel Faitaua chats with old Breakfast buddies during first live cross

TVNZ's new Europe correspondent Daniel Faitaua gave his first live-cross to his old Breakfast colleagues this morning, waving before giving an update on Brexit.

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TVNZ’s new Europe correspondent talked about the latest on Brexit, as well as how he’s settling in in the UK. Source: Breakfast

Thick notebook in hand, he delved into the evolving issue while standing outside the Houses of Parliament at Westminster in London.

At the end of the live cross, Breakfast host Hayley Holt asked Faitaua how he's settling in, and if he'd seen much of London. Faitaua said he and his family were still very much settling in.

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Daniel Faitaua spoke to Tagata Pasifika about his family giving up their lives in New Zealand for London. Source: Tagata Pasifika

However, in true-tourist-fashion, he got the cameraman to pan up at the Palace of Westminster.

"This was built in 1245 and is one of the most important gothic buildings and it was Henry III who was involved. I mean look at that, isn't it just incredible."

Faitua's stint in Europe has started after Joy Reid signed off on Friday.