TV cop picks up scent on cold case poodle-cide after watching TVNZ OnDemand series

Long-serving Kiwi cop Detective Inspector Graham Bell (retired) says he now knows all about the cold case murder of Lucy the poodle because he's watched the programme about it on TVNZ OnDemand right through.

Mr Bell became a household name thanks to his star turn on Police Ten 7 as a straight-talking cop from the old school. 

After an absence of a few years, he's now back on our screens in a new role - as part of the cold case series Who Killed Lucy the Poodle, the strange but true crime story about a poodle-cide and escaping circus lion in Rotorua in 1986, Seven Sharp reported.

The story has become a lifelong obsession for filmmaker Kent Briggs, who was at the circus that fateful day back in 1986. To help with his investigation, Mr Briggs went straight to the top, calling in Mr Bell to share some of his no-nonsense knowledge about detective work.

Mr Bell told Seven Sharp the case is certainly unusual and he enjoyed the programme about it.

"It's a quirky little programme. I really enjoyed getting involved with it," he said.

And the programme has increased his knowledge about the murder of Lucy the poodle.

"Well I know all about it now because I've watched the programme right through. And it's a good watch," he said.

You can catch Who Killed Lucy the Poodle on TVNZ OnDemand.

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The series about the crime in Rotorua in 1986 is available on TVNZ OnDemand. Source: Seven Sharp