'Too far' - Piers Morgan admits he may have got carried away with Harry and Meghan criticism

Controversial British broadcaster Piers Morgan admits he may have got carried away when criticising Harry and Meghan.

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The Good Morning Britain host says the Duke and Duchess of Sussex made “a striking blow for diversity and feminism”. Source: Breakfast

The host of Good Morning Britain and former tabloid editor has been a fierce critic of the couple - Meghan Markle in particular - seemingly having it in for her since she supposedly "ghosted" him as a friend when she got together with the Queen's grandson.

His dislike grew even further when the couple announced they were stepping down from Royal duties and moving to North America.

"People say I'm too critical of Meghan Markle - but she ditched her family, ditched her Dad, ditched most of her old friends, split Harry from William & has now split him from the Royal Family," he said on Twitter at the time.

He also accused them of "commercially exploiting" the death of Harry's mother Princess Diana, called Meghan a social climber, and even found fault with the name of their son, Archie Harrison. 

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His comments came after her recent trip to Wimbledon with a security detail.

Now, in an interview with the Sunday Times, he admits he'd perhaps taken things "too far".

"Have I taken things a bit too far? Probably," Piers told the Times.

"Do I think that will govern and temper how I talk about them going forward? Absolutely.

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Piers Morgan accuses Prince Harry of 'commercially exploiting' Diana's death

"It's probably not wise, if you're a columnist, to make things too personal." 

A former cheerleader of US President Donald Trump, Morgan has in recent times spoken out against his response to the Covid-19 pandemic.