Toni Street opens up about her battle with illness in Mother's Day Facebook post

TV personality and radio host Toni Street has revealed she's been struggling with illness over the past month.

The Hits morning host posted the news on her radio show's Facebook page while wishing everyone a special Mother's Day.

Street has been absent from her morning radio show for a month. Source: The Hits

"My Mum has had to live with me for the last month as I've barely been able to leave the house with a liver injury after a severe reaction to an antibiotic.

"Four weeks off air and unlikely to be back this week either. I'm badly jaundiced and terribly nauseous. Mum has had to look after my kids, cook, clean and take me to and from hospital," Street posted.

In some good news, Street says she is now recovering from the illness.

"We are celebrating today as I've finally turned a corner and am grateful for my Mum like never before... can't wait to be back on air I have SO missed you all."

Toni Street took to Facebook to reveal she has been suffering with jaundice.
Toni Street took to Facebook to reveal she has been suffering with jaundice. Source: Facebook


South Auckland duo Adeaze back with a new album in honour of their late mum

The ultimate Mother's Day gift would have to be the one two brothers have created to honour their mum following her death.

Adeaze, the South Auckland duo with the velvet voices, are back with a new album, TVNZ1's Seven Sharp reports.

The brothers Viiz and Nainz Tupa'i put on countless concerts in the lounge for their mum and after her death they decided there was no better way to pay tribute to her than through song.

Whether they were singing with Aaradhna, or with their mum, Adeaze was always in perfect harmony, and they say it's all because of their mum.

"Every time we had family come over or just visitors come over, it could be random people, she'd say 'Go to your room, get changed!  Grab your guitars, you're going to put on a performance for all your family!'" Nainz said.

Selepa Tupa'i passed away in September 2015, and though it was devastating for the whole family, it hit younger brother Viiz hard.

"Believe it or not, I'm doing really well at the moment. The last couple of years, I was 100 million times worse," Viiz said.

The family started a performing arts school 10 years ago, but when mum died, for Viiz teaching was too much and so was singing.

So it came as a complete surprise last year when Viiz told Nainz he wanted to release an album - for their mum.

"We love our mum that much we wanted to put out this album of all her favourite songs," Nainz said.

"And a lot of the songs were hymns, songs our mother had taught us growing up and the songs she really, really loved me and this guy (Viiz) singing."

If there was no mums, there'd be nobody. Even Donald Trump had a mum - Nainz Tupa'i of Adeaze

Viiz said: "This was probably the hardest album to record, because you get the emotions and everything, and then your voice - you can't even sing."

And the album is not dedicated just to their mum.

"If there was no mums, there'd be nobody. Even Donald Trump had a mum." Nainz said.

Viiz wondered: "Did he? Did he have a mum?"

One of Selepa's proudest moments came when former Prime Minister Helen Clark declared Adeaze her favourite Kiwi band.

So, with mum-to-be Jacinda Ardern now in charge, "We could sing for you when you have baby," Viiz said.

For many mums there's no better Mother's Day gift than sibling harmony. 

And if you'd like a copy of Adeaze's new album, Seven Sharp has three to give away. The programme wants you to take a pic of your best homemade Mother's Day card and send it to Seven Sharp on Facebook or post it to them at PO Box 1945 Christchurch.

The brother’s mother has recently died so they decided to honour her through song. Source: Seven Sharp


Simon Barnett's wife Jodi in recovery after having successful operation on two brain lesions

Jodi Barnett, the wife of radio personality Simon Barnett, is in recovery after having a successful operation on two brain lesions last week.

Jodi was rushed to hospital on Thursday April 29 after being afflicted by a "massive fit" at her Christchurch home.

Since her admittance to hospital husband Simon has taken leave from his popular More FM breakfast show to be by her side.

This week the show's producer Samantha Baxter took to the air to let listeners know the latest on Jodi's condition after her operation last Friday.

"Simon let us know on Friday evening that (the operation) was a complete success, that it went as well as it could have gone.

"There are still further tests to be done to figure out where to go from here, but so far it was gone really well," Baxter said.

She said the news came as a relief after a tough time for the More FM team.

"It has been pretty hard to be on-air laughing and talking about stuff when we know our best friend is in a really tough spot."

Simon and Jodi have been married for over 25 years and have four daughters together.