'I told off other people's kids in a restaurant and I'll do it again' - Breakfast's Daniel on speaking out over rowdy children




Breakfast newsreader Daniel Faitaua has revealed how he stepped in when misbehaving children from another table interrupted his family's meal in a restaurant over the Easter weekend.

Daniel Faitaua explains how he had to act when parents 'did nothing and went back to their merlot'.
Source: Breakfast

The children, who were at the restaurant with their parents, were making quite a racket, Daniel told the Breakfast show today.

The final straw for him was when the children took crayons from his boys and tipped a glass of water over on his table.

Daniel said he told the children to "bugger off" and go back to their parents, who he said didn't act and went back to "their merlot".

John Cowan of the Parenting Place backs Daniel Faitaua for telling off other people's kids in a restaurant.
Source: Breakfast

"At the end of the day I go to a restaurant, I pay for a good meal, I pay for family quality time, I don't need to be looking after other people's kids," he explained to Breakfast hosts Hilary Barry and Jack Tame.

Daniel is receving praise on the Breakfast Facebook for his response, with viewers saying he did the right thing.

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