Things get hot and heavy on Bachelor NZ, but pole dancing host Art Green steals the show

REVIEW: Perfectly pointed toes, smooth moving thrusts and sexy stares. The Bachelor New Zealand host Art Green has revealed his hidden talent — pole dancing!

What seemed like a fun and mildly flirtatious group date turned hot and heavy tonight when, no, not the bachelor Moses Mackay, but the shows host got involved to showcase his pole art-green-istry.

The former bachelor was wildly ripped off "most valued poler" in a dance competition, performing alongside teammates Annelise Theis and Chanel Lutton (but to be honest who really knows what they were doing, all eyes were on Green!) as they took on Mackay's team with Lydia Dickson and Shenae Connelly.

With serious frowns, Mackay's team took to the stage first — but not even the opera singer's surprise splits to finish could outshine what was next.

Art Green and Moses Mackay try their luck at pole dancing. Source: Warner Brothers

Music pumping louder and slow motion special effects on, Green's team stepped up!

With scissoring legs, booty shakes, sexy whispers and seductive hair flicks, team two straddled the line for family viewing tonight.

They certainly left it all out there on the dance floor, but it made for spectacular viewing.

"Art is incredible at this. I am shocked, like he is almost too good," Shenae said, describing what we were all thinking.

Shenae Connelly and Moses Mackay pole dancing. Source: Warner Brothers

But while Green won the bachelor-off, it was Chanel whose beaming smile took out "most valued poler" despite thinking she had "as much grace as a newborn giraffe ice skating".

The rest of the episode was strikingly PG, though, with some gentle hand touching on Mackay's pottery-making date with Lana Ennis the talk of the house.

The pressure was on, though, as Green teased the musician for being the longest running bachelor to not kiss anyone.

Mackay edged closer with front-runner Theis, saying even the wineries grapes were telling him to take the plunge.

But despite romantic music ramping up several times, the tension only amounted to a hand peak and teary cuddle amongst the bushes.

Maybe episode 11 will be it?

The Bachelor New Zealand continues Monday to Wednesday at 7.30pm on TVNZ2. Episodes are also available at OnDemand.

Moses Mackay goes on a pottery date Lana Ennis. Source: Warner Brothers