'They all f***ing hate' – Ed Sheeran quits Twitter due to vile, abusive trolls




Ed Sheeran has ditched Twitter after revealing the vile comments by trolls were taking its toll.

The English star says the social media platform is full of people being mean.
Source: 1 NEWS

Sheeran told The Sun: "I've actually come off Twitter completely. I can't read it."

"I go on it and there's nothing but people saying mean things. Twitter's a platform for that.

"One comment ruins your day. That's why I've come off it.

"The head-f*** for me has been trying to work out why people dislike me so much."

He was recently targeted by Lady Gaga fans after they assumed he was talking about her in an interview. 

"They assumed I was talking about her and they all f***ing hate," The Sun reported him as saying.

"It wasn't anything to do with that at all.

"Twitter gets on a massive steam roll of assuming things and then you get in the s***."

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