Taika Waititi casts fa'afafine actor for upcoming film about Samoan football team

Taika Waititi has cast a fa'afafine, or non-binary person, for his upcoming sports film about the American Samoa soccer team.

Source: 1 NEWS

Next Goal Wins, based on a 2014 documentary of the same name, follows the American Samoa soccer team as they attempt to redeem themselves at the 2014 World Cup following a devastating loss to Australia 31-0 in 2001.

Kaimana, who goes by one name, will star as Jaiyah Saelua, the world's first non-binary player to compete in a men's FIFA World Cup qualifier, according to Variety.

Waititi said casting a non-binary actor for the role "was vital" for the film.

"There was no way we would have approached it in any other way," he said.

The film stars Elisabeth Moss and Michael Fassbender, as well as Kiwi actors Oscar Kightley (The Breaker Upperers), David Fane (Westside), Semu Filipo (Harry) and Rachel House (Thor: Ragnarok).

Production for Next Goal Wins began in Honolulu, Hawaii, last week.