Taika Waititi busts Hollywood actress Hilary Swank trying to smuggle fruit out of NZ

Taika Waititi has added fruit quarantine to his list of duties as New Zealander of the Year - busting Hollywood actress Hilary Swank attempting to smuggle a Kiwi apple off our shores.

The New Zealand director, today posted an Instagram photo of himself exposing Swank's quarantine breach, holding the offending piece of fruit.

"GAME OVER Million Dollar Baby! In 2005 this woman tried to smuggle an apple into New Zealand and we punished her with a $500 dollar fine," Waititi wrote in the long post.

"Three days ago I caught her trying to smuggle one of OUR apples out of our sweet island kingdom. No, crooked Hilary Swanky, homie don't play daaaaaaaaat. 

The Kiwi director told Kimberlee Downs it was one of the most egoless shoot he’s ever worked on.
Source: 1 NEWS

"As New Zealander of the Year my job is to stop this BS and keep our apples in NZ hands. You played with the wrong playa gurl! Turns out BOYS DO CRY!"