Survivor NZ recap: A new powerhouse emerges from the shadows as end game arrives

Previously on Survivor NZ: Matt thought he had control of the game, but was sent home with an idol in his pocket.

Mixed emotions back at camp after the shocking blindside of Matt that was orchestrated by Lisa. She's happy that her bold move worked out, but also feels guilty that she lied to make it happen.

Adam unwisely tells Tess he voted for her at tribal after they had both promised not to vote for each other. He has just lost an ally there when he didn't have to.

Dave gives Tess a Survivor pep talk and tells her not to be so hung up on loyalty in a game that demands the opposite at times.

Dave knows all about separating the game from reality after voting out his old school buddy last night.

"She's a weirdo"

Lisa might be on top of the world at the moment but her big move means Adam now has his sights firmly set on her.

"She's a weirdo, plus she looks like a chicken skeleton," Adam says of Lisa.

You really don't want to get on his bad side with stinging zingers like that.

"Another beaut challenge"

Onto the reward and it'll be a happy ending for the winner, who earns a much needed massage.

Tess wins reward. Source: 1 NEWS

An elimination round sees Dave and Tess make it into the final, where it’s the classic Survivor domino challenge.

Dave has a nightmare with his dominos, while Tess spaces hers out perfectly to win reward.

As usual the winner gets to pick someone to accompany them on their reward. Shockingly she picks Adam, even after the pairs recent fallout.

"I'm 100 per cent sorry"

Before they go off on the reward Adam apologises to Tess for writing her name down at tribal.

That wasn't easy for him either as he "finds it difficult to say sorry to people".

The reconciliation gives the two time to plot against Lisa as they get pampered on their massage getaway. The tough part will be getting Dave on board with the new plan.
Back at camp, Lisa, Tara and Dave are happy that they will be the final three. They have the numbers to easily do it, however, Survivor is never that easy.

"I need to win immunity or I'm going home"

Hanging on for dear life at immunity. Source: 1 NEWS

Adam thinks he really needs to win immunity but isn't holding out much hope when he sees it's an endurance challenge where you have to cling onto a pole.

He's correct as well, falling off the pole only seconds into the challenge.

My money is on Tara for this one, seems like her strength is custom made for it.

Nope, I was completely wrong, Tara is the second to slip off the pole closely followed by Lisa.

It's a show down between Dave and Tess yet again. The same result too with Tess taking out a much needed immunity win that might give her and Adam's plan a chance.

"There's a bigger target on my head now"

Lisa straight away realises that Tess winning immunity "puts a spanner" in her plans and she will have to go for Adam one vote early instead.

Tara is fine with this, so Dave will be the pivotal vote once again if Adam and Tess can sway him.

The pitch to get his vote doesn't seem to go well, Adam is promising to "bring some sass" to tribal though so that should be entertaining.

"Survivor is full of difficulties"

Dave breaks down at tribal when Matt Chisholm asks him about his mental state. The stress of voting his buddy Matt out nearly led to him leaving the game he reveals through tears.

Next up, Adam delivers his promised sass and attempts to blow up Lisa's game in front of the tribe and jury by questioning her trustworthiness.

Tess also makes a last minute plea to try and save Adam saying anyone is welcome to "hop on board" with them and go to the end.

The pitch doesn't work and Dave sticks with Tara and Lisa to send Adam packing.

I think that was a missed opportunity by Dave to make a big move and take out another big player.

Lisa is the only one who has a convincing resume to take out the title among the last four standing I believe. The question is will Dave and Tara realise this before it's too late?

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List of Survivor's and vote status:

Adam, 28, Self-Employed, Auckland (voted out episode 13)
Arun, 30, Dairy Farmer, Waikato (voted out episode 8)
Brad, 27, School Teacher, Nelson (voted out episode 9)
Dave, 26, Clinical Pharmacist, Auckland
Dylan, 26, Retail Manager, Whangarei (voted out episode 7)
Eve, 26, Hiking Guide, Auckland (voted out episode 11)
Franky, 24, Journalist, Auckland (voted out episode 3)
Josefien, 23, Audio Post Producer, Blenheim (voted out episode 1)
Josh, 28, Chartered Accountant, New Plymouth (voted out episode 6)
JT, 32, Project Manager, Manawatu (left for medical reasons)
Karla, 37, Reporter, Palmerston North (voted out episode 2)
Kaysha, 24, Social Worker, Horowhenua (voted out episode 4)
Liam, 23, Videographer, Tauranga (voted out episode 5)
Lisa, 38, School Librarian, Christchurch
Matt, 25, Rocket Technician, Auckland (voted out episode 12)
Renee, 28, Real Estate Agent, Auckland (voted out episode 10)
Tara, 44, Full-time Mum, Hamilton
Tess, 24, Office Manager, Christchurch

The remaining Survivors. Source: 1 NEWS