Survivor NZ recap: 'It's just bulls**t' - Trust is lost and battle lines are drawn as personalities come into play

Previously on Survivor NZ: The Chani tribe was on a losing streak that saw them sent to tribal council for the second time in a row. Brad found a hidden immunity idol at Khangkhaw and Karla was the second Survivor voted out at Chani.  

After Karla was voted out Franky says she doesn't trust JT and he has to go next.

This is the first time anyone has challenged the strategist behind the first two votes at Chani, but will she be wily enough to get an alliance to rally behind her if they go to tribal again?

Spirits are at an all time low at Chani after their losing streak and they all seem to be praying for a tribe swap as day seven breaks.

Over at Khangkhaw the mood couldn't be any different, they have won every challenge so far and haven't really needed to start playing the game yet.

Can Chani find redemption and win reward?

Brad and Dave battle it out at the reward challenge.
Brad and Dave battle it out at the reward challenge. Source: 1 NEWS

Reward challenge time, it's the Survivor classic one-on-one showdown where competitors from each tribe have to knock a statue off each others platform that they are holding in one hand.

A historic moment in the season as Chani blitz Khangkhaw to win! It almost seemed like Khangkhaw felt sorry for them and let them have a victory, seeing as this is Survivor though I doubt that was the case.

Either way Chani get fishing gear as a reward and even more importantly their first win gives them a new belief heading into the next immunity challenge.

A bad move by Eve

JT is more concerned with looking through the fishing gear to see if there is a hidden immunity idol clue buried in amongst it. The Survivor super fan is correct, but Eve finds the clue first and naively shows it to her tribe mates instead of keeping it for herself.

Renee and JT can't believe Eve didn’t keep the clue to herself and the whole tribe goes on a treasure hunt to dig up the idol.

Back at Khangkhaw and things aren't looking good for Dylan, his closest ally Kaysha has decided to distance herself from him and reach out to others, perhaps trying to put herself in a swing vote position where she can choose sides. Always a dangerous game to play in Survivor.

The Chani idol is found and Eve takes possession of it. She might not have it for long though as JT is scheming to get it off her. He reveals this to the camera not long after Eve says she trusts him.

Trusting JT looks like it’s the second naïve move from her for the day…

The Survivor Outpost returns and an outcast at Khangkhaw

Eve draws the long straw and is going to represent Chani at the outpost, she didn’t really want to go but the Survivor gods have decided that it will be a busy day for her!

Kaysha wins the straw draw at Khankhaw and Dylan is gutted he doesn’t get to go to the outpost.

That isn’t the only thing Kaysha wins as she beats Eve and wins a huge feast of Thai sweet treats and fizzy drink. The catch? She has to eat it all herself and can’t share any with her tribe.

Kaysha tucks in at the Survivor Outpost.
Kaysha tucks in at the Survivor Outpost. Source: 1 NEWS

The two girls share some awkward strategy chat as Kaysha shovels as much food and drink into her mouth as possible within a set time limit.

Back at the Khangkhaw camp the knives are out for Dylan and he knows it. Adam especially has made it clear he doesn’t like him, saying he found Dylan "shady from day one" and his "sulking is annoying".

Kaysha comes back to camp after the outpost win and tells them all exactly what happened and the feast she chowed down on. Adam asks to see her teeth and doesn't believe her story even though it’s the truth.

Tess doesn’t believe her either "it's just bull s**t" she says thinking instead that Kaysha might have won an immunity idol or other advantage. Interesting the one time someone comes back from a challenge and tells the truth no one believes them!

A lesson in that I guess.

Can Chani finally turn it around and win immunity?

No time to get hung up on the outpost though as it's immunity challenge time. Will Chani’s victory at the reward challenge finally see their fortune change at immunity as well?

Matt dives in for Khangkhaw.
Matt dives in for Khangkhaw. Source: 1 NEWS

No… Khangkhaw get back to winning ways and smash Chani in a grueling water challenge.

Matt is a beast for Khangkhaw in the water and for the third straight time Chani are heading to tribal.

There's chaos in a last minute scramble before tribal at Chani and Eve’s and Franky’s names are being thrown around. The thing causing the issues is everyone knows Eve has an immunity idol and says she isn’t afraid to play it if she feels threatened.

She definitely should feel threatened as master manipulator JT is still cooking up a plan to get the idol off Eve so she can be voted out in a blindside at some stage. If he pulls that off I will officially eat my Survivor branded hat.

Franky is also trying to make sure Eve is voted out, but in a last minute conversation she tries to switch the vote onto Renee realizing that Eve can play the idol to ensure her safety.

Strange that it took so long for the fact that Eve has the idol to come into her thinking.

Tight lips rein at tribal

Tense times for Chani at tribal.
Tense times for Chani at tribal. Source: 1 NEWS

At tribal council host Matt Chisholm can't get the Chani members to admit that there are alliances within the tribe. He isn’t buying it though and seeing as this isn't his first rodeo you'd assume he knows what he's talking about.

This is the hardest vote to call so far with the idol out in the open. In the end Eve's tactic of threatening to play it works out for her, she manages to keep it in her possession and Franky is the third person voted out of Chani and Survivor NZ.

Maybe sharing the fact she has an idol will end up being a genius move by Eve in the long run as no one wants to challenge her? I personally don't think so, but I can't say I have ever won a season of Survivor either.

The scene is set for an exciting fourth episode. Will Chani finally win an immunity challenge next week or will there be a tribe merge to end their misery?

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List of Survivor's and vote status:

Adam, 28, Self-Employed, Auckland
Arun, 30, Dairy Farmer, Waikato
Brad, 27, School Teacher, Nelson
Dave, 26, Clinical Pharmacist, Auckland
Dylan, 26, Retail Manager, Whangarei
Eve, 26, Hiking Guide, Auckland
Franky, 24, Journalist, Auckland (voted out episode 3)
Josefien, 23, Audio Post Producer, Blenheim (voted out episode 1)
Josh, 28, Chartered Accountant, New Plymouth
JT, 32, Project Manager, Manawatu
Karla, 37, Reporter, Palmerston North (voted out episode 2)
Kaysha, 24, Social Worker, Horowhenua – The Hits Wildcard
Liam, 23, Videographer, Tauranga
Lisa, 38, School Librarian, Christchurch
Matt, 25, Rocket Technician, Auckland
Renee, 28, Real Estate Agent, Auckland
Tara, 44, Full-time Mum, Hamilton
Tess, 24, Office Manager, Christchurch

The Survivor NZ contestants for the second season Source: 1 NEWS