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Previously on Survivor: Blackouts, intense immunity challenges, tense Tribals, and the final three is decided.

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NZ’s first Sole Survivor

Avi is crowned the first winner of Survivor NZ and wins the $100,000 prize!

Announced live on national television, likeable winner Avi sweeps six of the seven votes to beat out biggest competition Tom and subtle manipulator Barb.

Survivor NZ winner Avi talks to Matty McLean about how he managed to Outwit, Outplay and Outlast the other contestants
Source: Breakfast

Final Tribal Council - Opening statements

Teacher Tom’s case revolves around his position as a role model for young people and playing an honourable game to be someone that students can look up to.

Strangely Tom doesn’t touch on the aspects which set him apart from established 'nice guy' Avi. Tom’s strong challenge record and back-to-the-wall gameplay are his unique story.

Avi emphasises his honesty, integrity, and making connections. He came out with the intention to "leave nothing on the field" and give everything to the game.

Barb highlights the fact that she made the biggest strategic move of the game in taking out Sala. Along with the big move, she has specialised in subtle play.

Barb then makes the mistake of insulting and patronising everyone who might vote for her.

Barb feels she has been overlooked and is "here [in the finale] because of your inability to be perceptive enough" to understand her game.

Question time - Barb cops flak

Barb is widely criticised by the jurors, to the point of tears.

Jak gives a backhanded compliment and tells Barb that she "exceeded expectations" but she did not earn respect. The usually jovial Jak jumps on Barb for her sense of entitlement, condescension, and the way she treated the other tribe members like children.

Mike gets on board and seconds Jak’s sentiments while Shannon simply states to Barb that "nothing you can say would make me vote for you."

Still stinging from his blindside, Sala lays into Barb’s lack of contribution to camp life, camp culture, and her constant complaining. "All the best."

Avi vs Tom

Who is the nicest? Who plays the best game?

Questions to Avi and Tom all centre around two things - strength of character and strength of gameplay.

Mike and Shannon both grill Avi on the strategy side of the game. Everyone knows Avi has been nice, but is that enough to win Survivor NZ?

Articulate Avi responds by suggesting that he has been "painted with the brush" of just being a nice guy which glosses over all the hard work he has put into the game.

Determined Avi gave himself daily pep talks, played intently, and has never wanted something more than he wants to win this game.

Shannon addresses the jury’s biggest concern with Tom - would he be in the final if not for Avi? Tom was saved by Avi early on but Tom argues that the alliance was a two-way street, they both needed each other.

Jak and Sala don’t ask any questions but both wax lyrical about how great the two guys are, either would be deserving of the win.

Victory, tears, and $100,000

Host Matt Chisholm draws the votes and it’s a walkover! Only good mate Jak has voted for Tom, all the rest go to likeable Avi.

After a season of ups and downs, Avi outwits, outplays, and outlasts the competition to become NZ’s first Sole Survivor.

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