Survivor NZ blog: An unstoppable challenge beast, fraying emotions and backstabbing




Avid Survivor watcher Mellissa Gedye gives the lowdown on tonight's episode.

Previously on Survivor NZ: A four person alliance formed at Casar but then tactics got dirty, with Shady Shay stirring the pot. Shannon's hopes were drenched on Redemption Island and she became the third member of the Survivor NZ jury.

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Ashamed Avi votes out ally

Guilt-ridden Avi blindsides close ally Shay! Avi's game has been built around integrity and honesty so going against Shay tears the "emotionally thin" Avi up inside.

Avi follows Tom's plan to oust Shay against his better judgment. Given Avi's massive blow-up after the Sala blindside, there is sure to be backlash.

Underlying distrust

No one truly trusts Shady Shay apart from the naive Avi.

Nate's policeman instincts set off alarm bells when it comes to Shay, but he can't quite put his finger on why. Nate figures it is a combination of the way Shay acts, the way she talks, and her nervous laughter - the whole package screams untrustworthiness.

Bystander Barb observes the way Shay "plants little seeds of doubt" in people's heads. The hard game-playing and manipulation from Shay doesn't sit well with Mama B.

Tom has been at loggerheads with Shay from day one and never built any trust despite being tribe-mates all the way through.

Challenge beast continues streak

Unstoppable Tom wins immunity. The Challenge Champ strikes gold once again and makes it four in a row.

With only five remaining survivors, immunity not only makes you safe but also makes you a key piece of everyone's plan.

Avi is fraying mentally after being first out of the balancing challenge and receiving his "usual dressing down" from host Matt Chisholm.

Tactical Tom

Tom has Shay firmly in his sights and decides now is the time to take her out.

Tom hears through the grapevine that Shay and Shannon made a pact to vote for each other in the final three. Shannon is now on the jury so Shay needs to go.

With the potential to take Sala's vote as well, Shay is too much of a threat to swallow precious final votes for the $100,000 and title of Sole Survivor NZ.

Tom, Nate and Barb are all on the same page, "in a perfect world Shay would go next". Unsurprisingly Avi doesn’t like this plan, he gave his word to Shay and is loath to go back on this.

Everyone is a target

Avi keeps fighting for Shay and arguing her case but he is aware there is only so far you can go to save someone in Survivor. Anxious Avi is trying his best to find a way to not betray his "incredibly good friend".

Nate proposes a big move to long-time partner Barb. Wanting to shake things up and make his mark, Nate conspires to have a crack at big threat Avi.

Unexpectedly, Barb blurts out the plan hatched by Nate to his target Avi, fueling the fire for a Nate vote.

Shay has been told everyone is voting for Barb at Tribal Council - immune Tom is the only one without a spotlight on him.

Treacherous Tribal Council

It's crunch time for Avi! Internal conflict rages as he weighs up the consequences of compromising his word - "ideally you don’t turn on your own".

Unfortunately for Avi "it's called Survivor, not Friends". Ashamed Avi caves to the pressure of the game and helps eliminate close friend Shay. There are sure to be repercussions for turning on his tight ally.

Shay takes her vote out graciously and heads to Redemption Island to join Mike and Jak for the final battle.

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