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Previously on Survivor NZ:

Sala ultimately paid the price for being too nice and too trusting in a cut-throat game.
Source: Survivor NZ

Two of the Casar tribe’s biggest threats are voted out, leaving one of the strongest alliances in tatters.

Sleeping giant Barb hatches a plan to bust up her alliance from within. Lee becomes the first member of the jury.

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Cooped up Casar

"When you haven’t eaten or slept, funny turns into irritating pretty fast."

Cabin fever starts to set in for the Casar tribe having been in the game for 23 days. Avi is getting frustrated with everything and everyone as he feels both mentally and physically drained.

Jokester Jak’s childish antics - running around camp in only a loincloth, chanting to the fish gods - are wearing thin with other tribemates. Shay and Avi in particular have had their fill of Jak’s behaviour, Avi claiming he is "probably my least favourite person out here."

Richest man in the world

Sala lays out his motivations and purpose in Survivor and in life in a heartfelt confessional.

Sala’s game plan is the same as his life plan - to be himself, connect, make good relationships, and commit to those that he finds a natural, genuine connection with.

While the money will help Sala and his family tremendously, for him it’s not so much about the money, but more about playing with honour and sending a message.

To a content Sala, he is already "the richest man in the world... Rich in culture, rich with relationships, rich in my faith."

Sala’s warm, infectious personality and how easily he makes friends with everyone has highlighted Sala as a real threat to win the game.

Mastermind Barb

Jokester Jak’s childish antics of running around camp in only a loincloth and chanting to the fish gods are wearing thin with other tribe mates.
Source: Survivor NZ

Insightful Barb wants to disrupt the powerful trio of Shay, Sala, and Avi and keep them out of the driver’s seat.

Sala is at the top of Barb’s hit list because unfortunately for Sala, being TOO likeable can count against you in Survivor.

Barb has Shannon and the lowly lads Tom and Jak on board with the plan to blindside Sala. The plan is all set in place, the only stumbling block is Nate.

Police officer Nate has a great respect for Sala as a player and even more as a person. Nate sees Sala as someone he will "speak to for the next 30 years" and tries to save him.

Barb emphasises that she wants to "shake the tree a bit, and drop a few acorns" and prove that she is playing hard. She doesn’t just want to cruise through the game.

Big moves can have a big influence on the Survivor jury.

Immunity and questionable acting ability

Tom wins Individual Immunity in a multi-stage challenge after big boys Jak and Nate both give up rather than try squeeze through a tight section of the course.

Tom is safe so Jak would be the expected target if Barb wasn’t flipping the game on its head. To keep the real vote under wraps, Jak has to act like he knows he is going home.

None of his allies are convinced Jak will be able to resist the urge to over dramatise the situation. Tom has to talk Jak out of punching a tree in faux anger because "you want it to be believable".

Avi, Shay, and Sala lap up the performance and accept 100 per cent that Jak is on the chopping block.

Devastating blindside

At tribal, Barb’s cunning plan works out just as she hoped. Sala is sent packing to Redemption Island in a huge blindside. Avi and Shay look shell-shocked.

Sala ultimately paid the price for being too nice and too trusting in a cut-throat game, realising after the vote that "maybe my heart was too big".

Loveable Sala is off to duel with Mike. Barb has orchestrated a move that will really throw the cat amongst the pigeons and spice up the remainder of Survivor NZ.

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