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Avid Survivor watcher Mellissa Gedye gives the lowdown on tonight's episode.

Previously on Survivor NZ:

The Casar tribe is split into two alliances. Mike wins the first Individual Immunity. At a shocking Tribal council, Shannon finally reveals her alliance loyalties and took out one of the favourites Lee.

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Double boot

We pick up from the shocking twist - a double Tribal Council. The tribe go straight into a Individual Immunity challenge right after voting out Lee.

Second person voted out of Casar - Mike! Former top dog Mike joins back up with his mate Lee at Redemption Island going from "from hero to zero".

In a quickfire Survivor NZ quiz challenge, Jak wins Individual Immunity. As quickly as Mike had safety around his neck it was snatched away again. Mike knows he has a huge target on his back and is in grave danger. In a last ditch attempt to stay in the game Mike pleads his case and attempts to sway votes onto Shady Shay

Former top dog Mike joins back up with his mate Lee at Redemption Island, going from hero to zero.
Source: Survivor NZ

Shannon is extremely unpopular with the two Redemption Island boys after her flip sent both of them packing. Both Mike and "heartbroken" Lee throw stinging parting comments Shannon's way as they leave tribal council, with Mike encouraging the tribe to "vote Shannon out next".

Back at camp Casar

The double whammy tribal council leaves the majority six alliance members all sitting happy and smug with themselves having knocked out two major challenge threats in one fell swoop.

Shannon proved her loyalty which has won over Sala who now trusts her 100 per cent. Tom better watch himself as Sala does'’t trust him at all while Broken Record Shay is again gunning for Tom. Sala gives Jak some Mad Props for not giving up the sacred immunity necklace to Mike.

Unhappy Jak spits the dummy and is pissed off that two of his mates got voted off. The uncharacteristic negative attitude quickly turns to glee when Barb quietly discloses to Jak that he is safe for at least the next couple of votes if Barb has her way.

Jovial Jak and Tom know they're sitting at the bottom so are more than willing to jump aboard Barb's plan if it means staying in the game.

Barb wants to manipulate the bad blood between Shay and Tom to her advantage to help break up the tight threesome of Sala, Shay and Avi. Barb is mixing things up and if her plan falls into place she will be setting up a major blindside that could change the course of the game.

Barb is mixing things up, and if her plan falls into place she will be setting up a major blindside that could change the course of the game.
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This is the first time we have seen any major gameplay from Barb and she could potentially become a key player. She is strategically thinking ahead about how she can further herself in the game.

Seeing the new active strategic side of Barbs, Jak is stoked to see that Barb has transitioned from "the old labrador sitting on the porch" to "a little peppy fox terrier running around the front yard".

Reward challenge

In a revealing and enthralling reward challenge the tribemates answer tough questions which clearly show how everyone is perceived within the tribe.

Not only was Shay the first one eliminated, Shay's untrustworthiness is confirmed when the tribe survey placed her as "most likely to stab you in the back". This is like water off a duck's back to Shady Shay, responding "to be fair I'd stab you from the front too".

Barb wins individual reward and strategically chooses Nate, Jak and Sala to join her pizza party. Barb wants to lull Sala into a false sense of security so her potential blindside can go down without a hitch. This is quality Survivor player strategy making sure everyone feels safe, especially the person you want gone.

Challenge beast Redemption duel

Mike slams his final puzzle piece into place and comes out on top! Loser Lee becomes first member of the jury, victorious Mike survives to fight another day.

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