Survivor NZ blog: Backstabbing, deceit and budding love as division in the tribes continues




Avid Survivor watcher Mellissa Gedye gives the rundown on backstabbing, deceit and budding love on the most recent episode of Survivor New Zealand.

Plus-sized model Hannah Gough is the second person to be eliminated from Redemption Island.
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The fallout ensued from the Mogoton tribe voting out their oldest member and biggest camp contributor, ex-army veteran Tony.

Shay, the Samoan beauty was instrumental in the blindside of Tony, ultimately turning on her tight four alliance, claiming "it didn't work out".

An Auckland mum and a former Cleo Bachelor of the Year contestant are the first named four of the 16 contestants for the TV2 show, which airs on Sunday May 7.
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Shay's second backflip in two tribal councils has put a serious question mark on her trustworthiness and loyalty - playing too hard, too fast is one of the surest ways to get other players' backs up.

Tauranga school teacher Tom and oil rig worker Izzy have already begun to see Shady Shay's true colours.

Over in the Hermosa tribe, they learned a new survival skill thanks to entertainer Georgia - the ability to clean their teeth with charcoal by rubbing the black substance over their teeth and gums.

Dee said she her tattoos, piercings and general awkwardness may have been the reason she was kicked off first.
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Oral hygiene provided the perfect opportunity for the younger Hermosa tribe members to further cement their bond, with Australians, Cleo Bachelor Mike, and Georgia appearing to be in the early phases of an island fling with their closeness being spotted by other members of their tribe.

Canyoning guide Lee's head isn't in the game when he talks strategy (or lack of) with Mike asked him, "What's more important - reward or immunity?"

"At this stage ... reward," he answered. Rewards are nice, but immunity and numbers are what win you $100,000.

Reward challenge for a tarp and coffee was a Survivor classic 'Hot Pursuit' where each team is roped together and weighed down with a 10kg bag of sand per person. The teams run a rectangular course in shin deep water until one team catches the other.

The Mogoton tribe chose to sprint full tilt from the get go, with their hot-footed strategy backfiring spectacularly burning out the players early and costing them the caffeine hit and the tarp.

Youth Worker Sala offers fellow downcast tribe member Avi some Kiwi pearls of wisdom "sometimes a good rugby team has to go through a few losses in order to fine-tweak their team in order to start winning consistently".

Back on the Hermosa tribe, the battle between divided young and the older tribe wages on.

Police sergeant Nate and horse manager Barbara are in the firing line to be voted off are looking for cracks in the youth alliance.

The pair found some willing ears in zookeeper Shannon and banking consultant Jak. Shannon keeps her options open and currently has her fingers in both the young and old pies. Jak, however, immediately reports back to team leader Mike about the conversation that took place and how skilfully he avoided the probing questions.

Jokester Jak reveals his buffoonish persona has all been an act. He reveals his master plan of pretending he is just playing for fun and not to win, as well as talking to his pet rock 'Fred Flintstone'.

Redemption Island saw some fireworks fly with Tony ranting "New Zealanders do not tolerate... backstabbing" and promises of revenge coming to those alliance members who crossed him.

Backstabbing, deceit, and blindsides are the harsh realities of Survivor - no one gets to the Final Tribal Council without getting their hands dirty.

At the end, professional power lifter Hannah lost the duel against the ex-army veteran Tony, throwing cannon balls at floor tiles to smash them.

Tony lives to fight another day, and Hannah's time on Survivor New Zealand came to an end.

Survivor New Zealand airs Sundays at 7pm and Mondays at 7.30pm from 7 May on TVNZ 2 or live-streamed at

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