Success of Taika Waititi leads to golden age of Kiwi comedy

It’s been a bumper time for New Zealand comedy in recent times, capped off with an Oscar win for Kiwi director and writer Taika Waititi last week.

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Comedians Jonny Brugh and Shay Horay discuss why international audiences are lapping it up. Source: Seven Sharp

So why is the rest of the world just catching on to what we've known for years?

Seven Sharp caught up with veteran Kiwi comics Jonny Brugh and Shay Horay for their opinion on the matter.

“I think there's great examples of New Zealand comedy out there for everyone to see.

“Then there's a whole service of New Zealand comedy for the international market now that we just didn't have a long time ago,” said Brugh, who starred as Deacon in Waititi’s cult film What We Do in the Shadows.

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The Jojo Rabbit director today became the first Māori to win an Oscar. Source: 1 NEWS

Horay thinks the Kiwi accent plays a big role in our comedy successes.

“We've got a wacky accent. The sexiest accent in the world,“ he says.

So is it Kiwi comedy that's a hit overseas? Or New Zealand comedians?

“I don't think it's the jokes - I think it's the drive. To leave New Zealand as a comedian, you've got to be brave.

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The Kiwi comedian became an Internet sensation after he made the finals on America's Got Talent. Source: 1 NEWS

“One guy went over there with a hunk of tape across his mouth and didn't speak and now is one of the biggest acts in America,” Horay said.