Stunning new theatre venue opens on Auckland waterfront

After 24 years, the Auckland Theatre Company will finally have a new venue to call home with the opening of the Waterfront Theatre in Wynyard Quarter.

The $36m venue has 668 seats and is designed for the spoken word.

"It's got a curved seating in it so you feel very collegial when you're sitting in it and it also means that you're close to the stage both from the actors' point of view and from the audience - even from the back row," said ATC chairman Gordon Moller.

The company has been without its own location since the Mercury Theatre closed. 

The Waterfront Theatre was officially opened today, with next month's season of Billy Elliot the first production to grace the new stage. 

Officially it belongs to the Auckland Theatre Company but it says it's a space all Kiwis can be proud of. Source: 1 NEWS