Stunning Auckland scenery showcased in The Shannara Chronicles trailer

Auckland has been given a plug on one of the world's biggest stages after the release of a television trailer set in the city.

The first trailer of upcoming 10-part TV series The Shannara Chronicles, filmed in Auckland earlier this year, was unveiled at Comic Con San Diego on Sunday garnering more than 400,000 views online within a few hours.

Screen Auckland manager Michael Brook says the production helped boost the local economy by tens of millions of dollars.

"The project has employed more than 300 local crew and extras, and will add to our growing reputation as a screen production location," he said.

"But our region's talented fast turnaround crews, and access to unique and widely diverse locations, are also crucial for attracting international productions."

Auckland's film industry rakes in around $647 million each year from local and international productions, with 543 permits for filming approved in the last financial year.

The release of a TV trailer at the one of the world's biggest entertainment convention has put Auckland on the international map. Source: Supplied