From studio to farm: Pregnant Breakfast host Hayley Holt dials in from self-isolation

TVNZ1's Breakfast has been noticeably different this week as they adjust to the extra safety measures being taken against the coronavirus pandemic, but a familiar face helped to bring some normality back to the show this morning.

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The TVNZ presenter is staying at her parents’ farm, unable to come in during the coronavirus crisis due to her pregnancy. Source: Breakfast

The morning show, like the rest of TVNZ's news services, has been divided into two teams, which means the likes of presenters Jenny May Clarkson and John Campbell have been split up while Covid-19 is still a threat.

But one person who has been removed altogether is Hayley Holt, who is now in lockdown - the recommendation for all expectant mums.

That didn't stop Holt from checking in this morning, joining her colleagues via a Skype call from her parent's farm where she's staying.

"I miss you all - it's so, so strange being separated from you and watching you from my couch at home," Holt said.

Holt added life at home with her parents is going smoothly but they could see some roadbumps soon enough.

"It's day one and we've already eaten quite a few of our supplies - we should've panic-bought some more lollies. We've forgotten lollies and chocolate, which kind of sucks."

Holt also showed off her impressive list of 22 "farm tasks" she has been given by her dad.

"I don't think I'll be doing all of this - I think I'll be putting my feet up," she joked.