The strict set of rules Meghan Markle must abide by now she's a member of the Royal family

Now that Meghan Markle is Duchess of Sussex she has to adhere to a strict set of rules you might not know about.

Markle has to give up plenty to marry a prince. Source: Seven Sharp

Here is a list of some of them now she is a part of the Royal family.

She can't vote: Although it isn't law, the Queen is expected to be neutral in political affairs and it's a rule all the royals adhere to.

No selfies: The pout is out! It's against royal protocol because the Queen isn't a fan, reportedly because she likes eye contact with her subjects.

She can't give autographs: Members of the Royal family are banned from signing their name because of the risk of forgery.

No more bare legs: This is a big no, no. Pantyhose are a must, even in summer. The bare legs were on display at the engagement shoot but that'll be the last.

Meghan's also given up her social media presence, her blog and most importantly her career, all so she can marry a Prince.

Not exactly a feminist fairy-tale in 2018.