Steven Spielberg says Hollywood sexual harassment scandal 'not a witch hunt'



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Director Steven Spielberg said today that he disagreed with actress Catherine Deneuve's claim that the sexual assault scandal in Hollywood has now turned into a "witch hunt" against men in the industry.

The renowned film director says what’s going on in Tinseltown now is “probably a global problem”.
Source: Associated Press

Speaking in London while promoting his film The Post, which concerns a cover-up in the 1970s White House, Spielberg also made comment on the current US administration - and even compared US President Donald Trump to his scandal-hit predecessor, Richard Nixon.

"News sources are being called fake, or fake news, as a new kind of hashtag that's out there these days, and I've found that 'Oh my God,' when I read the script, I said: 'Wow Nixon did the same thing but without a Twitter account."

The 71-year-old added he thought the Trump administration was trying to create a "chaos of confusion" and called that "dangerous" and "subversive".

Regarding the string of sexual assault allegations in Hollywood, Spielberg called it an "epic event" that wouldn't go away quickly and will eventually bring about positive change in the industry - although he warned that more allegations would probably arise in the short-term.

His thoughts diverged markedly from those of Deneuve and other French actors and filmmakers, who signed an open letter in the newspaper Le Monde earlier this week, claiming that the search for perpetrators had gone too far.

"I'm sorry, I don't see it as a witch hunt right now. I see it as an imperative," Spielberg said.

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