Stephen Colbert butchers NZ national anthem as he attempts to 'blend in' as a Kiwi

Stephen Colbert led Wellington pub-goers in a rousing version of the New Zealand national anthem as he attempted to "become a Kiwi" during his recent trip here.

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Lucy Lawless and Bret McKenzie were there to lend support and give him a tour around Wellington. Source: 1 NEWS

The talk-show host made a bit of a meal of his rendition however, substituting the lyrics with his own comedic lines.

Flight of the Conchords Bret McKenzie and actress Lucy Lawless chaperoned Colbert on his jaunt around the capital.

The pair also educated him on the finer points of Kiwi cuisine, making him try a cheese and tinned spaghetti toastie along with Marmite on toast and a classic sausage sizzle.

The famous talk-show host needed a tomato sauce chaser to wash down his Marmite on toast, clearly not enjoying it.

He also learned how to say no in Kiwi slang, with McKenzie walking him through the correct way to use the phrase "yeah, nah".

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Each night this week a different segment from Colbert's trip down under will feature on the Late Show.