Stefania LaVie Owen says filming Netflix show Sweet Tooth in NZ was surreal

Not only is it the most popular show on Netflix right now, but the streaming platform’s new series Sweet Tooth has several ties to New Zealand.

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It was filmed in Aotearoa as Covid-19 was raging around the world, and some of the cast and crew are Kiwis. Source: 1 NEWS

The whole show was filmed here last year as Covid-19 was raging around the world, and some of the cast and crew are also Kiwis.

Sweet Tooth is the story of a half-deer, half-human boy named Gus who’s part of a new race of children called hybrids, born in the wake of a global pandemic.

It was shot in wider Auckland and across the South Island, and includes some Kiwi talent like New Zealand-American actress Stefania LaVie Owen.

“My sisters and I were raised just in the countryside”, she says. “We went to school here, did all our school years here, and we visit back and forth.”

Stefania LaVie Owen. Source: Getty

She says it was surreal filming a show about a pandemic during an actual pandemic.

“The show is based on a comic that was written in the early 2000s, so Jeff Lamire, the writer of the comic, he’s got some juju going on, he predicts the future!”

A number of New Zealanders also worked on Sweet Tooth behind the scenes, including film director Toa Fraser, an executive producer for the show, and Stefan Knight, who created many of the prosthetics.

“I designed the hair and makeup and prosthetics for all the human characters and then at the very end of the show, there’s a whole bunch of hybrids who come in for episode six and I did those as well.”

All eight episodes are streaming now on Netflix.