Sony releases VR headset for its Playstation system

Sony has today released its Playstation VR headset, which promises to introduce a new dimension to lounge-room gaming.

Sony has released a virtual reality headset, a screen that fills the user’s field of vision and it reacts to movement. Source: 1 NEWS

The device has a screen which fills the user's field of vision with various scenes, and it also reacts to the movement of their head, giving an immersive feeling at a cost of just over $600.

Sony NZ developer Krister Robinson says this kind of gaming is the future.

"Whatever environment the game developer's created, you feel like you're right there and transformed to that place," he said.

"Beneath the sea, up in space, in the desert somewhere."

Gerard Campbell of the Game Junkie blog says there are not a lot of games at the moment which will make use of it, but there's potential there.

"It does this really great thing of affecting your mind and making you think you're in a virtual world," he said.

There's also a certain novelty factor to it, Amy Potter of the Leaping Tiger gaming app says, which makes it extra interesting.

"It's definitely something you'd pull out when friends and family are over," she said.

"Its hardware can be improved it's not perfect by a long shot ... but I think there's a long way to go with VR as a whole.

"If the price can come down, which I think naturally it will over time, that will attract more people.

"Right now it might be a high-end gadget for the enthusiast."