Sol3 Mio looking for 'youngsters' to share stage with at their first concert of 2020

Renowned operatic trio Sol3 Mio are planning a 'big celebration' concert at Spark Arena in a months' time - and looking to let up-and-coming performers play a part.

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The trio of opera singers say they are keen to foster Kiwi talent by including them in the show at Spark Arena. Source: Breakfast

Speaking to TVNZ1's Breakfast this morning, Moses Mackay, Pene Pati and Amitai Pati told John Campbell they haven't performed together for months - just before Christmas.

They each have their own solo projects, but always love coming together for a "big catch up", Moses says.

Now they're planning a concert at Spark Arena in Auckland, with tickets going on sale this Friday.

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The operatic trio are getting ready for their first concert together in six months. Source: Breakfast

The concert will also be streamed online for those who can't make it.

"We really want to showcase young talent so we're trying to find someone who wants to maybe play a solo or something - we want to advocate for young artists," Pene says.

Anyone with a dream to perform at a concert like that "get in touch with us", Moses says.

"We'd love to collaborate and bring some youngsters up."

People who are interested can message the group through their Facebook page.