'A small little vignette of life' - Anika Moa unashamedly plugs her 'other show' before her Seven Sharp stint wraps

With only three days to go in her stint co-hosting Seven Sharp, Anika Moa last night unashamedly used the prime time show to promote her "other show", Anika Moa Unleashed.

It's a "webisode", Moa told viewers, with co-host Hilary Barry explaining that's "an episode of something on the web".

"It's just a small little vignette of life, interviewing famous people," Moa said.

"It's on TVNZ OnDemand, so if anyone wants to watch it..."

At this point, Barry became somewhat disparaging, declaring, "Not quite good enough to be on the TV though," which clearly made her co-host feel very put down.

Then followed a clip from Anika Moa Unleashed.

It featured the Kiwi musician in an acting role as a toddler running amok in a supermarket, while the Prime Minister's partner and soon-to-be stay at home dad, Clark Gayford, is given advice on how to deal with the situation.

There are only three more episodes of Anika Moa as Seven Sharp Host, but she’ll still be on TVNZ. Source: Seven Sharp