Sixteen-year-old Kiwi singer gets offer to be opening act for US country music star Blake Shelton

A young Kiwi singer looking to make her mark in the US has just received another big break.

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She describes the news as “so surreal”. Source: Seven Sharp

Last week Grace Kelly, 16, premiered her music in Silicon Valley, San Jose, home of Facebook and Google.

Her break came after writing a song celebrating San Jose, a place where her dad once worked.

Then, using his connections, her dad managed to get her catchy tune in front of the head of San Jose Tourism, who loved it.

Grace was flown out to San Jose to shoot a music video for her song that is being used to promote the city.

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Grace Kelly’s music is being premiered in Silicon Valley. Source: Seven Sharp

Now, the 16-year-old has caught the eye of US country music royalty.

This morning she was woken up at 4am by her dad showing her an email with an offer to be the opening act for Blake Shelton.

"I was just like ecstatic, excitement was just like filling me - there was no going to back to sleep after that," Grace told Seven Sharp.

Shelton is a host on The Voice and the boyfriend of Gwen Stefani.

"When I took my first trip to Nashville, one of his songs was playing on the radio it's on one of my first country playlists so that's kind of funny now I am opening for him - so surreal.

"This is all for my song that I wrote -literally- in a bathroom. And how it has turned in to this I have no idea."