Sir Paul McCartney's Auckland stage coming together ahead of tonight's 'big party'

Sir Paul McCartney is promising a "big party" in Auckland tonight as he wraps up his world tour at Mt Smart Stadium after 36 shows.

Its the first time the former Beatles star has performed here in 24 years. 

Sir Paul has spent some time in Hawke's Bay this week ahead of his show tonight and described the area as "beautiful" and saying it has "echoes of Scotland".

He posted a short clip to his Facebook page from what is believed to be Hawke's Bay, where he gushes over the beautiful scenery behind him.

"Hey there, so I finally got to New Zealand, wow, it's been a little while. It's beautiful, look at that!" He says gesturing behind him at the ocean.

"Looking forward to the gig on Saturday night in Auckland. Hope to see you there.

"Come on, let's rock!"

Yesterday, 30 trucks worth of equipment was unpacked at the stadium and assembled by 100 crew members. 

Tonight's 39 song set performance will include anthems such as Hey Jude, Let It Be and Band on the Run.