'Single mothers follow me' - Rapper T.I. surprises lucky US mums with Christmas Eve shopping spree



Associated Press

Rapper T.I. spent Christmas Eve spreading holiday cheer among some single mothers, helping them with their last-minute shopping for gifts.

The Grammy-winning artist surprised last minute Christmas shoppers at a Target store in Atlanta.
Source: Associated Press

In a video T.I. posted on social media, the Grammy-winning artist entered an Atlanta-area Target on Sunday and called for all single mothers present to follow him.

He strolled through the store alongside the mothers, went to the cash register with them and then paid for their Christmas presents.

T.I. says he spent $US20,000 within a 30-minute stretch. He had to leave after that because of a flight.

On his Instagram account where he posted the video T.I., whose real name is Clifford Harris Junior, said: "Wish I could've came earlier,stayed longer & done more for more people. (@delta got in our business) But still I'm blessed to be able to do anything I can for those in need. Merry Christmas to everyone who helped me thumb through 20k in 30mins.

"If I missed you... I'll catch up with you next year!!! Happy Holidays to all of you!!!! From me and mines, to you and yours... MERRY CHRISTMAS !!!!"

This isn't the first time T.I. has surprised shoppers by paying for their gifts.

He appeared at metro Atlanta stores around Christmas in past years to help mothers in need, including making two different stops at Walmart stores in 2016.

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