Simon Barnett's wife Jodi 'responding really well' after two weeks of radiation therapy for malignant brain tumour

Simon Barnett has this morning reported his wife Jodi is "responding really well" to radiation therapy as she continues treatment for a malignant brain tumor. 

The More FM breakfast host updated his co-workers on-air today, telling them his wife was two-weeks into her radiation treatment, after undergoing brain surgery to remove two malignant lesions on her brain in May.

Jodi Barnett's radiation therapy will last six weeks in total, followed by six months of chemotherapy.

Following Jodi's first brain operation, Simon informed there was the option for Jodi to have surgery again, despite it being a "successful procedure".

This morning with wife Jodi by his side at home, along with their two daughters, Simon was upbeat.

"We're just enormously grateful for the love, and cards, and prayers, we'll take everything. So, we're going well," Simon said.

He also had a story to amuse his colleagues. 

"And it's kind of weird to be honest because Jodi's sitting in the lounge with me, along with my two daughters who are about to go to work.

Because I'm such a funny guy, what I did is I put on my briefcase over my shoulder and said 'OK guys I'm just going to work' and I walked to the breakfast bar, and said 'OK I'm here'."

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