Shrek fans' love for the large green ogre still burns strong 20 years on

It’s been 20 years since the world was introduced to Shrek, the loveable green ogre with a heart of gold.

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As Rhys Mathewson found out, some fans' love for Shrek has only grown bigger and stranger in the years since. Source: Seven Sharp

Directed by Kiwi Andrew Adamson, the beloved franchise boasts four movies, billions of dollars in revenue, an Oscar, a musical, a spinoff series with Puss in Boots - and some very loyal fans.

The fandom has only grown larger and, arguably, stranger, in the years since. 

Shrek superfan Briar Wyatt told Seven Sharp she's seen the films "at least 200 times, maybe nearer to a 1000".

"I wouldn't say, like, it's my favourite film but my connection to it as a brand has become so earnest and wholesome," she explained.

"It's a wholesome tale, you know? Everything about Shrek is just nice - everyone has a happy ending."

She said she was unsure if it nailed its message about body positivity, however.

A Shrexpert, who wished to remain anonymous, said while "deep down, I am a Shrek fan" she does not want to be "exposed as one".

"Shrek fans get a little bit of a bad rep ... There's some really diehard fans out there who go a little bit too far," she said.

Resident Seven Sharp Rhys Mathewson went to meet the Kiwi superfan in the video above.