'Short, bald and hairy' Kiwi man swamped by messages after appearing on Ellen

A self confessed "short, bald and hairy" single Kiwi man has been featured on the popular US talk show Ellen during her regular Why I don't Have a Husband segment.

Auckland man Harley Neville told 1 NEWS he was contacted by someone claiming to be from the Ellen show on his Facebook page asking permission to use a photo of him that he posted online two years ago.

The image of the 34-year-old Auckland filmmaker was one he had made for a laugh using his "weird sense of humour" showing him half shaved down his right side, while the left side of his body remained extremely hirsute.

The image blew up online and was then mirrored by another internet user to make it appear as if Mr Neville had one long snail trail of hair travelling up his torso, this was the image the Ellen show wanted to use.

Although skeptical that it really was someone from the popular show contacting him, Mr Neville agreed to let them use the image thinking nothing more of it.

"I took it with a grain of salt but I told them to go for it and that they could use the picture," he said.

The Aucklander woke up to "a million notifications" today letting him know that his image had actually been used on Ellen.

Auckland man Harley Neville has made a series of "Hair Art" pictures.
Auckland man Harley Neville has made a series of "Hair Art" pictures. Source: Harley Neville

"The first I heard of it was actually a random person from Jacksonville in Florida who sent me photos and a video of my appearance on the show, then the notifications came pouring in."

Mr Neville says he finds it funny he is getting "teased" by Ellen and is amazed that the picture is going viral again online.

"I'm just assuming he lost a bet," Ellen said while the picture of Mr Neville appeared behind her on a giant screen.

He has made a series of "Hair Art" pictures and memes which have gained him notoriety over the years, but not to this extent.

The single man has had no offers of marriage after appearing on the show, but says: "I am definitely open to it".