'Short, bald and hairy' Kiwi man who was featured on Ellen back with hair-brained TradeMe auction

The self-confessed "short, bald and hairy" Kiwi man who recently went viral after his picture featured on the Ellen Show in the US is looking to bring hairy back, and raise a few dollars for charity at the same time, with a hair-brained auction on TradeMe.

Harley Neville was swamped with messages on social media after a picture of him was shown in the Ellen segment Why I Don't Have a Husband in early January.

Now, the 34-year-old Auckland filmmaker is looking to sell his hairy chest as advertising space on TradeMe with half of the profits going to help his furry friends at The Orangutan Project.

In what may be a world first marketing idea, Mr Neville is offering to have a company's logo shaved into his chest.

"Getting on the Ellen DeGeneres Show inspired me to think about how I can help out other furry creatures, so I have decided to sacrifice my foliage to stop the real rainforest getting destroyed.

"Today I am offering your brand the type of reach you can only dream of," his TradeMe auction reads.

In return for the investment Mr Neville promises an out of the box marketing scheme.

"I will shave your logo into my chest hair and post the images on my social media, I will also provide high quality professional photos for your own use wherever you see fit."

However, Mr Neville told 1 NEWS he is also happy to shave anything the auction winner requests onto his chest, not just a logo.

"It might be a romantic gift idea for Valentine's Day to have your partner's initials shaved onto my chest for example," he said.

Despite his new found fame on Ellen, Mr Neville says he is still "painfully single", but trying.

"Maybe appearing on the Ellen segment as a short, hairy and bald Kiwi man wasn't the most romantic drawcard," he admitted.

So far the auction, which finishes on Sunday February 11, has a bid of $100 placed on it, with Mr Neville hoping to make at least $1,000 to split between himself and the orangutan charity.

If you want a walking hairy placard follow the link to place your bid on TradeMe.

Harley Neville is back after appearing on Ellen with a new hair-brained scheme.
Harley Neville is back after appearing on Ellen with a new hair-brained scheme. Source: Harley Neville