Sh*t Towns of New Zealand book has been described as 'outright offensive'

Sh*t Towns of New Zealand is a new book that has been described as 'pretty funny', 'not on' and just 'outright offensive'.

One of the authors of the book, Jeff, spoke to Breakfast about how it was created.

“It started as a joke between a couple of friends, we’d go and visit a small town, write up a funny review, and send it to each other.  Then we started going to more friends who said 'hey you should put this on Facebook and share it with people'.”

Sixty different towns are described in the book. "We just try and make fun of everyone fairly."

"It's about the best places not to visit... ...everyone's got a favourite town they love to hate."

He said the most messages they get about the book is from people asking them to go and review their town.

However, other feedback had promoted the authors not to make their last name's public. 

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Breakfast talks to one of the authors of the book, Jeff, about how the book was created. Source: Breakfast

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