The secret cost of Covid-19: New Zealand running low on Elvis impersonators

New Zealand has faced a lot of shortages this year - loo paper, flour and now, it turns out, we're running low on Elvis impersonators.

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The well-established Elvis Down Under competition is due to go ahead next month but none of the Aussie Elvises can make it. Source: Seven Sharp

The well-established 'Elvis Down Under' competition is due to go ahead next month, but none of the entrants from Australia can make it.

Now the competition organiser is putting out an urgent appeal to budding Kiwi impersonators to step up and lace up their blue suede shoes.

Cathy Finau is one of the reasons the Elvis impersonating industry in New Zealand has kept rocking.

A lifelong Elvis fan, she's run the Elvis Down Under comp for 15 years at the local cozzie club.

"Elvis Presley is a really important person in my life. He's so important to me because I love him," she told TVNZ1's Seven Sharp.

But the competition entrants list has been all shook up by that devil in disguise - Covid-19 - and the Australians can't come.

Now it's up to Kiwis to fill the ranks, with time for a little less conversation, a little more action.