The Rock 'seriously considering' running for US President in 2020

Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson has admitted he is "seriously considering" running for President of the United States in 2020.

The Juamnji star was joined by fellow cast mate Kevin Hart this week on Ellen and the talk show host posed the question of running for president.

Hart fully endorsed Johnson saying, "I think the world that we're living in today, you're seeing the real effect that genuine people like Dwayne have.

"The one thing about him is he's very serious when it comes to spreading that love, that laughter and just the upselling of life on a positive level. And if he were to put himself in that position, he would get my support wholeheartedly – unless it comes to a financial dollar, then we've got to talk," Hart said.

"I know where his heart is.

"I really know him. So I know if he puts himself in that position it’s for the better of the people. I can only applaud him and support him for doing that."

Johnson then told the audience he is "seriously considering" running for president which isn't the first time the idea has been floated. 

The actor told GQ magazine back in May that it was "a real possibility."