Richard Gere visits migrants stranded in Mediterranean for more than a week

Actor Richard Gere visited rescued migrants onboard a humanitarian ship that has been stuck in the Mediterranean Sea for more than a week.

The Hollywood star helped carry supplies onboard to the 121 migrants on the Open Arms rescue ship today.

The 69-year-old actor spoke to several migrants, some who had fled war-torn Libya on unseaworthy smuggling boats before being rescued.

Gere said returning to their home country was not an option for the migrants.

"Going backwards is not possible. Where they came from was such a place of pain and inhumanity," Gere said.

He praised the work of the volunteers onboard the Open Arm ship who had rescued the migrants from the sea and provided them with food, shelter and care.

The vessel was floating in international waters near the Italian island of Lampedusa after being blocked from entering ports in Italy and Malta.

Other European countries have yet to respond to the aid group's request for a solution to the impasse over the rescue ship.

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The Hollywood actor, 69, helped carry supplies onboard the ship. Source: Associated Press