Rhinestone-studded jock strap owned - and used - by Elvis up for sale

An "absurd" and "extravagant" rhinestone-studded jockstrap which was owned - and reportedly used - by Elvis Presley has come up for auction.

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The unique item, believed to have worn several times by the famous singer, is listed for nearly $60,000. Source: 1 NEWS

The piece of clothing was made by a fan and given to Elvis, and later ended up in the collection of Jimmy Velvet, who opened a museum in Memphis.

The piece is now being offered for sale for NZ$59,500 by Paul Fraser Collectibles, as part of a collection which also includes a lock of Marilyn Monroe's blonde hair.

Elvis is believed to have worn the jock strap several times in the 1970s.

A custom jock strap made for Elvis Presley is up for sale which was reportedly worn several times by The King. Source: Supplied

Daniel Wade of Paul Fraser Collectives told The Blast that the jockstrap was "extravagant, absurd, and sexually potent".

"This rhinestone-studded jockstrap is pure Elvis Presley ... I'm sure the new owner won't be able to resist wearing it out on a Saturday night."