Reviews in for L&P's new Pineapple Lumps-flavoured drink, which hit stores today

L&P's new Pineapple Lumps-flavoured drink has been released today to some mixed reviews.

L&P's new Pineapple Lumps mash-up. Source: 1 NEWS

The classic Kiwi beverage proved to be popular with some around TVNZ's newsroom, while leaving other palettes less than impressed.

"I hate soft drinks, but that's pretty good," the first taste-tester commented. "I like the hint of pineapple," said another as it got off to a strong start.

However, the next two reviews were not as positive: "It tastes weird and reminds me of cough syrup," stated a worker whose face told the whole tale. "Not for me, definite clash of flavours there," said another.

Pineapple Lumps L&P. Source: 1 NEWS

Reddit users have also been posting their reviews of the new beverage.

"It's pretty decent, just tastes like pineapple and L&P. Doesn't taste like chocolate at all luckily," one user wrote.

"Tried it, not bad but wouldn’t choose it over anything i already like," commented another.

"It’s crazy sweet, definitely not something I’d try again," a user posted.

The new mash-up will be available at Kiwi dairies and supermarkets for the next three months.