Review: My, my, my, Troye Sivan's in bloom at Auckland concert

By Audrey Malone

The audience was humming.

No. The audience was sparkling.

With an average age of 18, dressed in florals and glitter, last night they had come to Spark Arena to worship.

And worship Troye Sivan they did: crying, screaming, dancing, smart phones lifted up with lights blazing on full beam.

"Hey Auckland, I’m jetlagged, but the right kind of jetlagged," Sivan told the audience at the kick-off to his Oceania leg of the Bloom tour.

"I'm buzzing with caffeine from 30,000 coffees.”

Sivan is a 22-year-old is a YouTuber, actor, model, singer, and he drives his fans wild, wild, wild.

He was born in South Africa, after two years his parents upped sticks and moved to Perth, where he grew up. Sivan oozes that Aussie charm – affable, genuine, with a wry sense of humour.

When Sivan arrived on stage it was all encompassing. He came out guns blazing, all drama, gracefully strutting across the stage in a white linen suit, and the audience was here for it. Me included. I knew a handful of his songs before I went, but that didn’t stop me enjoying every second of this show.

Every time he threw one arm up in the air, the audience screamed. And then he would dot in the word Auckland, and they would lose their s***. So did I. I was on the Troye Sivan train, and trying to relive my youth. I was THAT old person. And I was loving every moment of it.

His songs like Seventeen, Bloom, I’m So Tired, Wild, and 1999 were bangers. I spent most of the night on my feet dancing. But it was when Sivan was talking that was the real star of the show.

"Spill the tea, should we go to Family bar," Sivan asked the audience, about the iconic Auckland gay bar.

Which illustrated perfectly how he addressed the crowd. As though he was having a chat with a few intimate friends. Talked about going to Piha, cracked jokes about using the concert as a therapy session, and how when he arrived in New Zealand everything just made sense again. And he turned the spotlight on the audience. He wanted to see what everyone was wearing.

"So much floral, and glitter out there. Oh, a pride flower crown. Could you get any gayer than that," Sivan analysed.

Then he teased his finale costume, insinuating it was going to be out of control.

Which caused the audience to lose their s*** all over again.

He kept saying how much he was loving the concert, which was a relief. Before Sivan came here, he was interviewed by GayNation – and put the interviewer on blast for asking him if he preferred being a top or bottom. Sivan responded. "I thought about asking the interviewer about his absolute fave sex position after that last question, but then I remembered how wildly invasive, strange and inappropriate that would be. Didn’t stop him though!"

It wasn't mentioned. But he did talk the audience through how he wanted the encore to work. He wanted people to scream for him, when he pretended he was done.

"And stomp your feet. Really get into it. I want to soak it up for a minute."

And then at the end of Animal, he disappeared, and the audience came to the party. Cries for Sivan, rung out through the room -including mine - because I was still riding the Sivan train.

And out he came in a pink glitter jumpsuit, high heeled boots, and a whole lot of sass to end the show with his bangers, Youth and My My My.

As I was leaving, I snaffled a lilac merch t-shirt, and considered whether I should go to Family, in case he went and somehow we would magically become best friends.