Review: The Bachelorette - Lesina and Lily in the firing line, questioned over if they’re there for the right reasons

The tables turned on the bachelorettes this week after both Michael Frood and Mike Bullot walked out on Lesina Nakhid-Schuster.

Lesina Nakhid-Schuster speaks to a contestant on The Bachelorette. Source: TVNZ

The shock moves so late in the season threw Lesina’s integrity into question and I’m left wondering if she has anyone left to date?!

After a brutally cringeworthy conversation, Michael didn’t feel respected by Lesina and bailed out before a rose ceremony. And in an equally awkward chat, Mike questioned if she was actually ready for a relationship - the doubt meant he, too, sent himself home.

But it wasn’t just Lesina under fire from the men about why she’s on the show; Lily McManus’ name also got thrown into the mix about her array of television appearances.

A not-so-private conversation put front-runner Richie Boyens in hot water with Lily after he was heard doubting why she was looking for love on yet another TV show - after she previously appeared on The Bachelor New Zealand, The Bachelor Winter Games and Celebrity Treasure Island.

But first, Lesina.

Although I never saw him as a match for the Auckland-based beauty, I could see Michael’s point of view about not being given a chance with any one-on-one time.

I get the process, but agree it seemed as though he was just making up numbers which is just cruel when you’re taking other men on second, third and fourth dates and ignoring one.

In his final chat with Lesina, where he expressed his lack of time with her, her response was that she’d think about what he’d said. Not exactly the resolution he’d hoped.

The Dargaville kumara grower’s sad puppy dog face broke my heart, but I admired him standing up for himself and leaving ahead of the rose ceremony.

“Enough is enough for me,” he said. Go Michael!

Then, dropping like flies in Lesina’s corner, Mike too wasn’t feeling like effort was reciprocated and ended his relationship with Lesina.

Their communication had always been bumpy at best, but Lesina’s inability to answer if she was even ready for a relationship sent him bailing out early.

After he left, Richie’s mic appeared to be left on during an unfiltered rant about Lesina’s attitude and how she’s scripted for the camera. Mega awkward!!

Unsurprisingly, it was Logan Carr who jumped to her defence. He must have been running off a high of making it to the top two despite his apparent lack of kissing skills.

In a twisted turn of events, somewhere along the way Lily was pulled into question and a sneak peek reveals it may not go down well with Richie, who she previously said she’d have thought would be the one to back her up. Aw oh!

Lily McManus reacts after being accused by a contestant of not being genuine. Source: TVNZ

In a lighter farewell, earlier this week we said (na, na, na, na; na, na, na, na; hey, hey) goodbye to hilarious Wanaka company owner Elliot Gilchrist when he was eliminated for the second time on Sunday’s episode.

Perhaps it was his absence which has sent the house bonkers and left everyone on thin ice, even the bachelorettes themselves.

With all the intruders out of the running, though, it’s now Aaron McNabb (who I was actually surprised by how much he kept his gossiping mouth shut this week) and Logan left vying for Lesina’s heart, and Jesse Williamson, Terence O’Brien, Richie and Quinn Ryan in the running to end up with Lily.

As some ramp up the romance (or PG kinky-ness if you’re Logan), other’s seem to be in the firing line.

The Bachelorette New Zealand airs on TVNZ2 Sunday to Tuesday, and OnDemand.