Review: The Bachelorette episodes 6 and 7 - men open up about previous marriage, mental health before jetting overseas

The men are packing their bags and leaving the mansion, but not to head home. They're off to Argentina, but not everyone will make the journey.

Lily McManus, right, joins Lesina Nakhid-Schuster on The Bachelorette New Zealand. Source: 1 NEWS

Before they jet off though, this week the men opened up about family and struggles with mental health, past relationships and previously being married, and jealousy in the house.

As Bachelorette Lesina Nakhid-Shuster said, this week was about "separating the men from the boys".

Well, it was a rollercoatser of a week with he said (s)he said, rumours, mixed signals and new connections.

The kissing-gate 2020 scandal was especially prevalent these episodes. Marc Johnson kissed Lesina, then Tavita Karika said it was a dare and also that Aaron McNabb’s kiss with her later on was him getting even, then Lesina questioned all three men, before Tavita came clean that it wasn’t a dare, that he was just jealous.

If you’re confused, you’re not alone.

In a sit down session with the lads, Tavita said he valued his new bromance with Marc and was prepared “to go to war” with him. All the while Lesina was sat in the middle of the pair like a third wheel. Do they know the show's about finding love not bromance?

"So many mind f***s," Lesina said. Pretty much.

But in the end she kept them around, with the two Bachelorettes, Lesina and Lily McManus, sending Dominic Palfrey home, as well as secret mole Daryl Habraken. At the time he didn't reveal his identity, but a sneak peek showed he's coming back to ruin one man's Argentinian dream.

But before all that, we got to know the men a bit better.

In a gratitude circle for Liam Cochrane’s birthday, they opened up about missing family with Tavita getting emotional about his mum's struggles with mental health and him stepping up.

The show is usually about drama and arguing, but I liked that the men actually had real conversation and connected - of course without Glenn Richards coming in and saying something awkward to kill the vibe like he has the past few episodes.

Also forming a connection though, Lily took Quinn on a one-on-one date dirt biking, before sitting down for a chat and having their first kiss.

Not afraid of over-sharing, Lily commented, "Quinn is a man of many talents and his tongue is definitely one of them.

"He makes me a little bit nervous which is probably a good thing." I dig this match.

Up next, a group of the men were sent off on a two-hour spending spree, armed with cash and a car, to plan a perfect date for the two Bachelorettes.

Unfortunately for Kurt Johnston, Auckland traffic won the battle and he was disqualified for not making it back in time. "Typical Auckland traffic, it was a bit s***", he said. Can relate.

The other men had some surprisingly thought-out dates, but it was Conor Orsbourn who impressed Lesina the most and Lily, eager to learn what he had in his mystery box, chose George Hellriege to spend the day with.

Lesina and Conor's beer pong date pushed him deep into the friendzone, but Lily and George seemed to get along well with his surprise game of swingball. It reminded Lily of “getting smashed in the face with a ball” - ah, romantic.

George got a rose, but Conor wasn't so lucky.

But roses didn't advance them at the rose ceremony in episode 7. The rose ceremony was cancelled as host Art Green announced they were all packing their bags, but not to go home, to head to Argentina.

The cliffhanger for the episode though - one man won't make the journey. The mole is returning and one contestant is unpacking his bags and instead heading home. Savage.

The Bachelorette airs Sunday to Wednesday on TVNZ2 and OnDemand.