Review: The Bachelorette episodes 10 and 11 - Stripper gets his kit off at cocktail party

The Bachelorette's two stars got to see both the silly and the serious side of the men competing for their hearts in this whirlwind of a week in Argentina.

Lesina Nakhid-Shuster and Tavita Karika hug on their treasure hunt one-on-one date. Source: TVNZ

These episodes we saw a cocktail party turn nightclub as the men and Lesina Nakhid-Shuster threw down some moves, a bizarre fruit-throwing competition spur out of boredom in the house and a whole lot of nudity.

But surprisingly, it was the the usually light-hearted and full-of-life Tavita Karika who opened up to Lesina about his troubled past, including his struggles with depression, suicidal thoughts, his mother's mental health and addiction, and losing his rock - his dad - through it all when he was just 16 years old.

The pair always have a good laugh, so it was good to see him confide in Lesina and show his vulnerable side.

He undoubtedly got the most time with her these episodes, scoring a one-on-one treasure hunt date, a group date and then scoring more alone time again after.

But he wasn't the only man making an impression on Lesina. At a rose ceremony in tonight's episode stripper Marc Johnson got his kit off at Lesina's request, and the other men's squeamish disapproval.

"She directed me on what she wanted and she got what she wanted," Marc said, adding it was the best cocktail party they've had so far - for himself at least.

"I feel pleasantly surprised," a blushing Lesina commented, while a none-too-impressed Aaron McNabb said he "hated every minute" of how much she enjoyed it.

The men show off their live drawings of a naked model. Source: TVNZ

He can't be too mad, though. Earlier in the episode, bachelorettes Lesina and Lily McManus took some of the men on an arty group date - one where they were faced with doing a live drawing of a nude model.

There were disproportioned breasts, third legs and an oddly small head, but surprisingly it was Liam Cochrane who caught the attention of Lily during the class.

She swooped him away for some one-on-one time where he opened up about his - I want to say wildly offensive - expectations of the perfect woman. Now that Glenn Richards got the boot, I thought we were past the "disrespectful to women" stage but apparently not.

Tall, blonde, skinny, tanned and blue-eyed were Liam's requirements for love. Lily called his comments "kind of superficial" and "a little bit shallow" - a little bit!?

But he opened up about how the experience had changed him and how he judged Lily wrong on a first impression. His honesty might've offended some, but Lily agreed she'd done the same to him and therefore gave him a rose for his opening up.

However, honesty isn't always the best policy, it seems. Aaron put his foot well-and-truly in it gossiping about the other men in a not-so-private diary cam. He called out Jesse Williamson for being annoying, stripper Marc for being whiny and Logan Carr for being "tacky" and a "one-trick-pony".

Maybe Aaron can do no wrong in my mind, but I do feel the reaction from the other men and then Aaron's emotional meltdown as a response to them was a bit of an overreaction.

If you thought it was an unexpected emotional response from Lesina as she shed some tears at the last rose ceremony when Kurt got sent home, clear frontrunner Aaron completely blew his fuse as he was packing his bags early thinking he was a goner over his beef with the lads.

He called himself a douche, a dick and said, "I feel like I'm in a bit of strife here tonight" while cradling his head in a puddle of tears.

Settle down, mate. In the end it was anti-antivaxxer Conor Orsbourn and ZM's Wild Card Flynn Palmer who got sent home.

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